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All photographs and content copyright of the McLartys of Rankin Inlet Nunavut use in any way with out written permission not allowed ©DMcLarty

Kivalliq-the central region of Canada’s Nunavut Territory

Rankin Inlet is a bustling community that is the hub of Nunavut and is the Capital of the Kivalliq. Rankin Inlet is located between Whale Cove (south), Chesterfield to the north and Baker Lake to the West. For the past 20-30 years Rankin Inlet has served as the regional center for the government of the Northwest Territories and now the Government of Nunavut. The community was formed with the discovery of nickel in the 1950’s and with the formation of the North Rankin Nickel Mine the Inuit of the region moved to Rankin to fill the jobs that were available. Although the mine has been shut down since the 60šs the community remained. The area around Rankin Inlet is well documented in the history of the region. Just outside of Rankin Inlet, Meliadine River was and still is a great spot for fishing for char when they are running down or up stream, there is an abundance of trout as well as grayling. There is evidence that the river has long been a place for good fishing. There is a well marked walking tour at Iyiralik (thule site). Marble Island is one of the most well known whaling sites in the north. Whaling ships wintered there while gathering valuable whale blubber to light the European lanterns and other byproducts of the bowhead whale.

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